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2019/2020 Residential Assistants Recruitment

Welcome to the Residential Assistants recruitment page for 2019-2020. This rewarding and challenging role offers UCD students a rewarding experience helping students to get the most from their University experience. The RAs are current UCD students who live on campus and are on duty outside of office hours and at the weekend. The role also offers greatly subsidised accommodation and valuable experience to help increase your employability when your studies are complete.

If you are interested your application has to be submitted on-line by 5 pm on the 11th February. As your on-line application must be completed in one attempt, it is recommend that you prepare the questions in advance (you can download the questions in a pdf to help you prepare). In addition to your personal details (including current GPA) and you will be required to provide short statements (of 100 words approx.) in support of your application.

Please note the following:

  1. Once you start the application process you must complete it. You will not have a second chance.
  2. Prepare your answers to the questions in advance and write them separately so you can copy and paste the answers in the online application to avoid timing out.
  3. All questions need to be answered. If you feel a question does not apply to you, please enter “not applicable” or an equivalent expression.
  4. Do not leave the application to the last day
  5. If you receive an error or have any difficulty please email ra.recruitment@ucd.ie.

Please note that if you are shortlisted you will be invited to a brief interview (30 minutes), scheduled provisionally from the 25th to the 27th of March inclusive.

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3Booking Interviews4 Mar6 March
4Interviews25 March27 March

Residential Assistants live as part of the UCD Student Residences community and help develop that community by providing leadership and defining student life in each residence.

A key part of the role is helping others to feel welcome, and by drawing on your own experience as a student, supporting your peers to get the most from their University experience. Residential Assistants are expected to be pro-active, responsible and to work as part of a team in which effective communication and reliability are essential.

Benefits of being a Residential Assistant
As an RA you will gain valuable experience to help increase your employability when your studies are complete. As well as opportunities to meet new people and increase your self-confidence, you will have an opportunity to develop key skills and important experience which will enhance your CV, such as

  • Problem solving and listening skills
  • Communication skills
  • Judgement and diplomacy
  • Emotional intelligence
RA Role Description

RAs typically work one night in four and every fourth weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday on call). The mandatory training which starts on August 19th requires a full, daytime attendance and accommodation is provided during this period from August 18th.

What if I have placements?

Many candidates are obliged to undertake placements as part of their studies and wonder if this is compatible with the commitment required of a RA.

The answer is not straight forward and depends on the nature of the placement. The good news is that each year several RAs successfully manage both commitments, but they all agree it takes planning and determination to achieve the balance.

A RA on placement often returns to campus in time for their evening shifts and/or arranges up to five swaps per semester with other RAs in their assigned area/team to facilitate their placement.

Some placements however place far more demands on a student’s time or may not even be based in Dublin. If this is the sort of placement you will have to undertake then unfortunately it would not be compatible with the role of a RA.

A RA who cannot full-fill their commitment, including full attendance at the mandatory training in August, will have to give up their place (including subsidised accommodation) and may leave their team depleted as a result.

Residential Assistants are actively supported by the Management of the Residence and the Community Liaison, UCD Estates Services as well as the wider University Community. Extensive (mandatory) live-in training will be provided from the 19th of August in advance of the start of the year as an inherent part of the role.

Applications for 2019-2020 Residential Assistants

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For support with the application process email ra.recruitment@ucd.ie or call 017161293