Towards the attainment of a sustainable, healthy and living campus

Volunteering Opportunities

Are you interested in coordinating projects with Green Campus?

This year we have invited interested students to get involved by becoming Green Campus Student Coordinators. This part-time role allows students an opportunity to develop projects with guidance from our steering group, interviews will take place for academic year 2021/22 from the 6th to the 8th of October.
Please submit a brief cover letter outlining your suitability to the role and an overview of the project you wish to undertake this academic year. Resources to help you with your application are availble here.

To find out how to volunteer with the Green Campus Student Coordinator’s on their projects or to find out more, please contact and we will help you decide which project you would like to work on. We take on projects under the following 5 key areas:

Students who progress a successful project through the Green Campus Initiative will gain practical experience in project planning, project management and budgeting which will positively contribute to individuals CVs, as well as a better understanding of the theme being worked on.
Students can also apply for one of two co-curricular skills awards (UCD Embark Award and UCD Advantage Award) through the UCD Career Development Centre.

At present we are encouraging projects under the 4 key themes of the Green Campus initiative:

  • Enhancement of Biodiversity
  • Sustainable Commuting
  • Waste Reduction/Recycling
  • Energy and Water Conservation

However projects which cover more than one of these themes or draws on wider concepts of “sustainability” will also be considered.

The key requirement is that projects are student led and have student involvement throughout.

Students interested in developing experience running projects that involve marketing, graphic design, webpage development/management, engagement and behaviour change and related areas are also invited to consider developing a project which focuses on one of the above themes.

There are no restrictions on scale – projects that involve a morning’s work are as eligible as a project that takes two or more semesters to implement.
However remember that student involvement is essential – applicants need to ensure they can dedicate enough time to the project to make sure it is delivered as planned and closed out.
All successful applicants will also be required to write a short report (1-2 pages) detailing how the project was developed, and reflections on how the project might be improved upon if continuing or being run again.

Projects which link with module content and enhance learning are encouraged, however the main aim of the Green Campus project is to raise awareness of environmental issues across the University while improving some aspect of the campus environmental. Therefore projects are not required to have an “academic” element or approach.

Where academic guidance or assistance would benefit a project, students are asked to liaise with staff before submitting the project application.

Project proposals will be accepted from individuals and groups – however please carefully consider the workload involved – would the project have a better chance of being successful if worked on by a group?

Each project will be evaluated based on:

  • Contribution to improving the environmental performance of the University
  • Whether the project will raise awareness of the issue being tackled across the University Community
  • Linking with current initiatives and strategies on campus
  • Links with national or international issues in the environmental area
  • Cost V Benefit

Estate Services will make funding available for suitable projects under the 4 key themes where possible.