Parking FAQs

Car Parking at UCD – an Overview

University College Dublin provides parking on its campuses at Belfield and Blackrock. Parking is provided for members of the UCD community and the bona fide visitors to the University.

Due to the high demand for parking and consistent with its commitment to a sustainable environment UCD manages access to its parking assets for :
• Staff, students and other members of the University community via a online parking permit service available via
• Visitors via designated visitor hourly paid parking areas with P&D and park by text options.

What is UCDs Car Parking Management Policy in Summary?

The policy, approved by the UCD University Management Team, is designed to ensure the orderly parking of cars on the two campuses consistent with good traffic management practice.
All cars parked on the campus are required to park in one of the designated car parks or parking areas. Only cars registered on the UCD Parking Permit Service are allowed to park in permit parking car parks on campus. Cars not having a UCD Parking Permit may park in the designated visitor parking areas subject to availability and payment of the appropriate fee. All cars are required to park in compliance with the UCD Car Parking Management Policy.
Any car which is not parked in compliance with these rules is liable to be fined, clamped or towed and clamped.

When are car parking permits/hourly payment required?

Parking charges apply 8:00hrs-17:00hrs, Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays) during the peak demand periods of semester 1, semester 2, fieldwork, study and exam periods of each academic year . Outside of these times, most car parking is free of charge with the specific intention of facilitating participation of the wider community in after-hours activities on campus.
The only exceptions are premium rate hourly paid spaces which operate between the hours of 08:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday 52 weeks a year and UCD Sports and Fitness car parking spaces which are reserved for members at all times.
UCD Car Parking Management Policy applies all year round.

Why can’t I park in unmarked spaces, even though I am not causing an obstruction?

Parking in a non-designated space causes a number of problems including obstruction of fire brigade and emergency vehicle access and exit routes, obstruction of access to fire hydrant locations, obstruction of fire-fighter’s access and hose runs, security, obstruction of universal access including for wheelchair users and visually impaired, disruption to deliveries, disruption of waste disposal, maintenance access, aesthetics, physical damage to landscaping and grounds / footpaths, Health and Safety risks due to obstructed vision and sight lines.

What is the purpose of the traffic calming barriers and when are they in operation?

Traffic calming barriers are in place to prevent through traffic using the University grounds as a shortcut and make the campus safer for pedestrians and cyclists. They operate 07.00hrs to 10.30hrs and from 16.00hrs to 19.30hrs Monday to Friday all year round. Please ensure you enter the campus via the correct gate to access your chosen car park during the hours of operation of the traffic calming barriers. Cyclist and pedestrian access is unaffected by the traffic calming barriers.

Who may apply for a UCD Parking Permit?

Members of the UCD community, staff, students and persons working on the campuses are eligible to apply for UCD Parking Permits.

How do I know if I am eligible to purchase a UCD Parking Permit?

To confirm your eligibility to apply for a UCD Parking Permit log in to Infohub (staff/community member) or SISWeb (students) and check you have a parking PIN listed under the Campus Facilities menu. If you are a UCD community member who does not have a UCARD or access to Infohub, please consult with your manager/UCD contact person.

How do I Apply for a UCD Parking Permit?

You apply online. Before starting you will require your:
• UCD ID number (on your UCARD)
• UCD Parking PIN (available from InfoHub for staff/community members and SISWeb for students under the Campus Facilities menu)
• Mobile phone
• Car registration number
• Visa/Mastercard credit/debit card
• Access to a web-enabled device
If, before your start or during the process, you have any queries about UCD Parking Permits or parking at UCD please consult Contact Us.

Applying for a UCD Parking Permit
1. Log onto the Parking Permit web page and select the link to apply for a parking permit
2. Create an account
3. Nominate your car registration number
4. Pay any charges due
Check carefully the details on the confirmation email issued following completion of the registration process.

I don’t have a mobile phone, how can I apply?

If you don’t have access to a mobile phone please contact us at so we can arrange an alternative process for you.

Will all applicants be granted a UCD Parking Permit?

No. Only eligible UCD Community members will be considered and then subject to the Parking Regulations.

What is a UCD Parking Permit?

It is a digital record of the eligibility of a member of the UCD community to park a car with a user specified licence plate number on campus during specified periods subject to compliance with the UCD Car Parking Management Policy in force from time to time. No physical permit will be issued.

How long does my UCD Parking Permit last?

The UCD Parking Permit is only valid for the period stated when you apply for the permit and must be renewed prior to expiration.

Do I need to renew my UCD Parking Permit?

Yes, UCD Parking Permits will not automatically renew. Please note any outstanding fines must be paid prior to renewal.

Can I park in hourly paid parking using my parking permit?

UCD Parking Permits cannot be used for payment when parking in hourly paid spaces during enforcement times. Payment should be made according to charges notified on local signage.

Can I register two cars on my Permit?

No. Permits are valid for only one vehicle at a time. Registered users may amend their registered vehicle details by logging onto their account via It is imperative that any changes of vehicle details are made before parking a car on campus.

It is the permit holders responsibility to ensure their vehicle registration number is correctly entered on the Parking Permit System

Can I use my UCD Parking Permit in any car park?

Car parks are designated permit parking or hourly paid parking. UCD Parking Permits are only valid for parking in car parks designated permit parking.

Map of Parking Locations
Do I need a UCD Parking Permit for both Belfield and Blackrock campus?

The one UCD Parking Permit covers both campuses.

I am using a different car than the one registered, what do I need to do?

Prior to parking on campus you must change the car registration number you have nominated on the UCD Parking Permit system. This can be done online by going to and is free of charge.

Does a UCD Parking Permit guarantee me a parking space on campus?

No. A permit entitles the holder to search for a parking space, and to park in a vacant one, it does not guarantee the holder a parking space on campus.

Will I be sanctioned if I don't have a current Permit or Ticket/SMS Registration?

All cars parked on University grounds are required to either be registered on the Parking Permit Service or to have a current P&D ticket or park by text registration. Any car found in breach of these requirements is subject to sanctions as posted on local signs or as set out in the UCD Car Parking Management Policy.

If I leave the University before my Permit expires, can I on-sell the Permit?

No, the permit is issued to the member of the UCD community and is not transferrable under any circumstances.

Is the yearly or half-yearly Permit based on the calendar year or from date of purchase?

All permits are based on the teaching term year and the start and end dates for the Permit are clearly stated at the point of purchase/acquisition.

Sometimes I cannot find an empty car park bay. Why is the University not providing enough car parks on campus?

UCD has a car parking space cap imposed by the National Transport Authority, which we are not allowed to exceed.

Is there free parking on campus?

Parking areas are divided into Permit, Hourly and Premium Paid Visitor Parking during the chargeable hours of 8:00hrs-17:00hrs, Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays) during the peak demand periods of Spring and Autumn trimesters, fieldwork, study and exam periods. Outside of these times, permit car parks are free of charge with the specific intention of facilitating participation of the wider community in after-hours activities on campus. Hourly & premium paid visitor parking charges remain in effect 52 weeks a year, 8:00hrs-17:00hrs, Monday – Friday.

UCD Sports and Fitness car parking spaces are reserved for members at all times.

UCD Car Parking Management Policy applies all year round.

Can I pay for my UCD Parking Permit in instalments?

Yes, payment can be made in two installments, one per semester. If the second payment is not made the permit lapses. Vehicles parking on campus without a valid permit will be subject to sanction.

Can I pay for my UCD Parking permit via salary deduction?

No, UCD Parking Permits must be paid for during the online application process using a Visa/Mastercard credit or debit card.

I do not have a disabled parking permit, but I cannot walk very far, do I need to pay for parking?

Yes. If you have exceptional temporary or permanent mobility impairment please refer to the Your text to link…“>Disabled Car Parking content.

How much does parking cost?

Current parking charges are:

Do I have to pay for the whole day if I plan on only attending for an hour lecture?

Hourly paid parking is available in the visitor pay and display parking areas. See local signs for tariff information.

What are the payment options for parking?

Anyone, including students and staff, can pay hourly or daily at the P&D meters or using the text based parking service in the visitor pay and display car parks on campus.
UCD Parking Permits are not valid in paid parking areas.
Semester or academic year Permit fees are set out on the UCD Commuting website.

Are UCD staff/students required to pay to use 'Paid Parking' spaces?

Yes. All users of the visitor parking areas must pay via the P&D meters or the park by sms service. Check local signage for tariffs, rules and restrictions.

Where can visitors to UCD park?

There are a number of pay and display visitor parking areas on campus but with limited capacity.
Visitors may use the pay and display parking spaces where the charge is €1.00 per hour.
The premium occasional parking spaces may, subject to availability, also be used, the charge is €2.40 per hour.

These charges apply 08:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday 52 weeks a year

What happens when I leave the car park (even on official business) and return to find no parking space?

Drivers leaving the campus, even on official University business, may have difficulty obtaining a parking space on return. Parking is strictly on a first come first served basis.
UCD strongly encourages the use of public transport where available. A “GO CAR” facility is also available on campus, please see for further information.

Does pay parking operate during the semester breaks and summer holidays?

Hourly and Premium Pay parking is in place 08:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday 52 weeks a year, excluding bank and public holidays. It is imperative to check local signage as pay parking may apply during events and on other occasions.
The premium occasional parking spaces may, subject to availability, also be used, the charge is €2.40 per hour. Pay parking in these areas operates 08:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday, 52 weeks a year.

How am I benefitting from the introduction of paid parking?

Revenue raised from the implementation of paid parking will be ring-fenced and re-invested in improving parking and sustainable transport initiatives.

Do drivers with disabilities have to pay to park and where do they park?

Drivers of vehicles requiring the use of Disabled Parking Bays may only do so if their vehicle displays a valid Disabled Parking Permit. Disabled Parking Bays are marked with a sign on the ground and/or on a nearby pole. If drivers display a current valid Blue Badge, they may use these bays for free.

Are disabled students and staff required to pay?

No, the holder of a current valid Disabled Parking Permit is permitted to park in any vacant disabled parking bay at no charge. Vehicles must display a current valid Disabled Parking Permit.

Are there enough disability bays on campus?

The University currently has over 100 spaces reserved for disabled parking. Please see map for further details. If you have a specific requirement please contact

Are motorbikes/mopeds/scooters required to pay for parking?

Yes, if parked in a car parking space, no if parked in a designated motorcycle space.

Parking for Commercial Vehicles

UCD provides loading bays and designated service areas for deliveries and collections by commercial vehicles. Please refer to local signage for restrictions and regulations.
Commercial vehicles are not allowed to park in the campus car parks or parking areas without specific permission. Contact for additional information or specific requirements/arrangements.

How do I avoid parking sanctions?

Cars parked on campus must comply with the UCD Car Parking Management Policy . Users must check local signage for local or temporary special restrictions.

Cars parked other than in compliance with the rules and regulations are liable to fines, clamping and if deemed appropriate relocation and storage. See local signage for details and consult UCD Car Parking Management Policy.

What should I do if my vehicle is clamped?

Please follow the instructions on the enforcement notice attached to your vehicle. UCD Estate Services do not handle clamping complaints

Can I appeal the clamping charge or parking fine?

Yes, should you have a grievance with the circumstances in which the clamp or fine was applied, please follow instructions on the enforcement notice.

The following rules are taken into consideration in the context of appeals lodged:
• Park only in marked parking spaces and entirely within the space as marked.
• Park only in the appropriate parking area – permits are only valid in Parking Permit parking areas.
• A Pay & Display ticket must be displayed if parked in the Pay & Display area or the car must be registered on the park by sms service.
• Do not park in a disabled parking bay without displaying a current valid disabled parking permit.

The following will not be considered as valid grounds for an appeal:
– Being late for work/lectures
– Inability to find a parking space
– Lack of knowledge of the system
– Disagreement with the principles of the system

Where can I pay my fine/charge?

Please follow the instructions enclosed with the enforcement notice attached to your vehicle

I am out of time to make a payment, what can I do?

Please call the parking enforcement office on 0818 555 000. Details of NCPS are available at

I have lost my enforcement notice and wish to make payment, what can I do?

Please call the parking enforcement office on 0818 555 000. Details of NCPS are available at

My payment was rejected, what can I do?

Contact your bank card provider at the number printed on your card.

Why will I be fined for not parking in a parking bay/area?

Vehicles parked outside of a designated parking bay/area may block other cars in, obstruct a driver’s line of sight, cause an accident, impede an emergency vehicle’s path, or block pedestrian access. It is for the safety and consideration of others that cars must be parked only in designated bays/areas.

Who do I contact if I receive a parking enforcement notice?

You will need to contact the Service provider, NCPS, via the details given on the notice.

Under what circumstances will I be fined or clamped for parking at the University?

Fines and / or clamps will be issued on behalf of UCD for parking, for example, outside of the designated car parks or parking areas, outside of marked parking bays, on circulation routes, on grassed areas, on or near yellow lines, in disabled bays without a valid disability permit, in taxi ranks, at bus stops and other areas not set aside for parking. Please check local signage for local restrictions.

Fines and or Clamps will also be issued to drivers who park in the University’s car parks without paying the applicable parking fee, correctly displaying a current valid P&D ticket or registering their vehicle details on the park by sms service.

What options do I have if I receive an enforcement notice?

Pay the fine within 28 days, late payments will attract additional fees to cover vehicle registration searches and legal costs.
Nominate another person who was driving the vehicle at the time.
Lodge an appeal with the enforcement contractor per the details on the enforcement notice if you believe you are not at fault.
Parking sanctions are not reviewable for matters such as you not seeing the signs, you didn’t know the meaning of the yellow line or other road rules, or you were running late for a lecture, meeting etc.

What happens if I don’t pay my enforcement notice?

If you don’t take up any of the options outlined on the notice, and the fine remains outstanding you will not be eligible for future parking permits.
Remember, before you park always check that:
o you have parked lawfully,
o you comply with the conditions to park at that location, including time limits, parking bays etc.
o you pay any fees for parking
o you correctly display a P&D ticket or have accurately registered your car registration number correctly on the park by sms service when parked in an hourly paid car park.
By following these simple rules you will avoid any enforcement notices or clamps.

How are the parking rules enforced?

UCD used a third party to monitor and ensure parking compliance on campus. Contravention of the UCD Car Parking Management Policy may be sanctioned in a progressive manner as follows: Clamping may also be used for a 1st contravention, for cars not listed on the permit system
• 1st contravention – fine of €30 payable to the parking enforcement service. The fine will be increased to €40 if not paid within 21 days of issue
• 2nd contravention – clamp with a release fee €80 payable to the parking enforcement service, any outstanding fines must be paid at this time also.
In addition Vehicles may be clamped or towed if they are found to be interfering with the orderly flow of traffic on the campus, for example but not limited to:
• Obstructing other traffic
• Obstructing access or egress to buildings, structures, open spaces
• Parking on pedestrian footways, on or adjacent to pedestrian crossings etc.
• Parking other than in designated parking areas
• Parking other than in designated parking spaces
• Parking in bus stops, taxi ranks, loading bays etc.
Current Fees:
Clamp Release fee: €80.00
Towing Charge: €50.00
Storage Charge per day: €35.00 per day or part thereof

If fines are not paid it will not be possible to renew your UCD Parking Permit.

I have been clamped what do I do?

Please contact the parking enforcement service directly as notified by the notice left on your car.

I feel I have been unjustly fined/clamped, how do I appeal this?

A two stage appeals process if you feel you have been unjustly sanctioned.
Stage 1: You may appeal to the parking enforcement service (NCPS) as notified on the enforcement notice.
Stage 2: If you are unhappy with the outcome of the Stage 1 appeal, you may submit a second appeal to the National Transport Authority Clamping Appeals Officer.

Where can I park my car?

Permit and hourly paid car parks car parks are available across the two campuses. Consult the Guide to Parking on Campus prior to visiting.
If you hold a current valid UCD Parking Permit you may park in any vacant parking space in any of the UCD Parking Permit car parks or parking areas subject to compliance with the UCD Car Parking Management Policy and any local restrictions posted on signs.
If you do not hold a current valid UCD Parking Permit you may park in one of the hourly paid pay parking areas subject to compliance with the posted rules and restrictions. Permit holders are required to pay the hourly charge if parking in an hourly paid car park.

Where can I park my motorbike or scooter?

Motorbike users have the option of a designated motorcycle parking area at the Library infill. Motorcycles parking in car bays must pay the appropriate rate for a car.

Why doesn't UCD just create more parking spaces instead of charging for car parking?

There is a cap (3,600 spaces) imposed by the National Transport Authority on the number of car parking spaces UCD can provide which cannot be exceed.

The creation of more on-grade car-parking might be seen as a quick, easy solution, but it will destroy much of the unique campus environment.

When will the multi-level parking facility be ready?

A multi-level car park is not expected in the coming years.

What other options are there for me to travel to and from University and what is UCD doing to improve these options?

The campus is serviced by public transport, UCD also provides a dart shuttle bus service, available to all staff and students during teaching semesters at €1 per trip, between Sydney parade and car park N2, near O’Reilly Hall.
UCD has increased its investment in alternative forms of transport, for example, provision of additional bike hubs and improvements to campus walkways and cycleways and there are a large number of cycle and pedestrian access points onto the campus

Is there a car-sharing scheme?

UCD hopes to launch new car sharing platforms in the near future.

I am a visitor to UCD, where can I park?

Visitors may use the limited hourly paid car parks and pay the appropriate fee as advised on local signage. Visitors may not use Parking Permit car parks during the applicable hours as outlined on signage within each car park. However outside of these periods they may use permit car parks.

UCD strongly encourages all visitors to use public transport where possible.

Is there a charge for the hourly paid parking 24/7?

Hourly paid parking operates 52 weeks a year during the hours 8:00hrs-17:00hrs, Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays). Outside of the period 08:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday, permit car parks are free of charge with the specific intention of facilitating participation of the wider community in after-hours activities on campus.

I have a short meeting/lecture to give and cannot find parking?

Limited premium rate hourly paid spaces at a charge of €2.40 per hour are designed to ensure that short-term parking (1-2hrs) is available. They are marked as yellow spaces and are located:

  • Beside the AIB Bank, Tierney car park (car park N4)
  • Richview car park (car park R1)
  • Roebuck Offices (car park O7)
  • O’Reilly Hall/Veterinary Car Park (N2, top parking bay)
  • Opposite Health Sciences alongside Student Centre car park (car park W6)

UCD strongly encourages all visitors to use public transport where possible.

Why do the ticket parking machines not accept notes?

This is a security measure for cash handling.

As a student, am I able to pay for my Permit in instalments?

No, although presently Permits can be bought per semester.

What is the procedure for hosting a visitor?

Ask them to use Public transport.
Direct them to the hourly paid car parks or Premium spaces. Please note these spaces are limited.

Are visiting guest lecturers expected to pay for parking?

Yes or the cost is to be borne by the School/Cost Centre and is to use the same process as hosting a visitor.

Is there a procedure for event parking?

Attendees should be advised to use Public Transport where available
Hourly paid car parks are available, but spaces are extremely limited.

Events sanctioned by the University (College Principal) attendees can be issued a temporary permit at a charge to the School or event organiser. This charge may include the traffic steward.