Parking in UCD

Guide to Parking in UCD

We have developed a user friendly guide to parking in UCD. Download it to have the most relevant information about parking in UCD with you.

Parking at UCD

UCD is one of the largest journey generators in the Greater Dublin Area. Working with the National Transport Authority (NTA), Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and other statutory bodies, UCD is committed to the ongoing development of a sustainable commuting strategy. This includes the introduction of car parking demand management to promote a shift away from car journeys and towards sustainable transport modes. UCD strongly encourages the use of public transport where possible.

The 2015 UCD commuting survey showed that most of UCD’s population arrives to campus by public transport or other sustainable transport options. Some 24% of commuters travel to campus by car.
From September 2015, a permit car parking system will operate on the UCD campuses to ensure that car parking is only used by members of the University community and as a means of controlling demand.

Parking policy objectives

  • Promote and support a modal shift towards sustainable transport options amongst the UCD commuter community
  • Management of parking demand
  • Facilitate participation of students, staff and the wider community in after-hours activities on campus
  • Ensure a customer friendly self-service system for the issue and management of parking permits
  • Promote and support quality facilities and services to enhance commuting to and connectivity on campus. 
  • Minimise parking overspill into neighbouring communities

Parking on campus (Belfield and Blackrock)

  • Parking is limited on campus and available on a first come first served basis. UCD strongly encourages the use of public transport where possible
  • All car parks are designated either permit parking or hourly paid parking
  • Eligible UCD community members may apply for a UCD Parking Permit
  • Parking charges apply 8:00hrs-17:00hrs, Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays) during the peak demand periods of semester 1 and semester 2. Outside of these hours all car parking is free of charge except for premium rate hourly paid spaces and spaces associated with UCD Sports and Fitness
  • Visitors should use visitor car parks where hourly rates apply during the chargeable periods
  • Disabled parking is provided in appropriate locations and clearly marked and signed. Usage is reserved for cars displaying a valid disabled parking permit
  • Parking a car on campus is an implicit acceptance of UCD’s Parking Policy and Regulations
  • UCD is private property and UCD reserves the right to refuse admission to any or all car parks for whatever reason at any time without notice
  • Car parking is not permitted on campus other than in designated parking areas
  • Cars parked on campus are parked solely at the owners risk
  • UCD reserves the right to designate parking spaces for categories of parking and to reserve car parking spaces for events as required, without notice
  • Parking enforcement measures where cars are parked in breach of UCD Parking Regulations include fines, clamping and towing