Disabled Parking in UCD

If you have an EU disabled person’s parking permit/card displayed on your windscreen you have certain parking concessions. You may park in assigned disabled person’s parking spaces free of charge. To avail of any other parking spaces on campus, you are obliged to comply with UCD’s general parking regulations.

The only exception to valid disabled parking permit holders using disabled parking in UCD, is a temporary disabled parking disc which is issued by UCD Traffic and Commuting Office. This is for a person who has a temporary condition medically certified, and issued for a duration of two months only.

Persons with long term conditions do not qualify as a temporary disablement and should apply to the Disabled Drivers Association for a permit which is valid for 2 years.

Procedure for applying for a Temporary Disabled Parking Disc

1. Applicant to complete Section A of application form.
2. GP/Medical Consultant to complete Section B of application form.
3. Completed form to be submitted to commuting@ucd.ie

4. All decisions made on information Decision made by Traffic Department/Access Office on advice of medical personnel.
5. Appeals to be made to Registrar.
6. Discs issued for a two-month period only.
7. Re-apply for disc at end of 2-month period for any further permits.

Download Application Form