New to the Parking Permit System

Parking permits are required on campus from September 13th 2021 until December 22nd 2021 (inclusive) and January 17th until May 14th 2022 (inclusive)


Check your eligibility for a UCD Parking Permit

To confirm your eligibility to apply for a UCD Parking Permit log in to Infohub or SISWeb and check you have a parking PIN listed under the Campus tab. If you are a UCD community member who does not have a UCARD or access to Infohub, please consult your manager/UCD contact person.

UCD Parking Permits are only available to UCD staff, students and other community members. Visitors to the campus are required unless otherwise advised in writing to park in the designated hourly paid parking areas.

Check Eligibility / Get PIN

Video Tutorial


Apply for a UCD Parking Permit

Before you start make sure you have to hand the following pieces of information:

  • UCD ID number (on your UCARD)
  • UCD Parking PIN (if you don’t check Step 1 above)
  • Mobile phone
  • Car registration number
  • Visa/Mastercard credit/debit card

If, before your start or during the process, you have any queries about UCD Parking Permits or parking at UCD please contact us.

Please ensure:

  • You have read the terms and conditions and the associated UCD Parking Regulations before bringing any car onto campus
  • The details of your UCD Parking Permit are accurate. If not it is vital that you correct/amend any details before parking a car on campus
  • Always comply with the UCD Parking Regulations when parking a car on campus
  • Check local car park signage for specific arrangements or changes

If you wish to bring a car other than the one registered on your account onto campus you must update your car registration details on your account before parking the car on campus.
A UCD Parking Permit only allows you to search for a parking space on campus. It does not guarantee that a space will be available when or where you want it.