Covid-19 Special Arrangements

This page provides up to date information about access to campus,access to buildings, general protocols, retail areas, access to lockers, commuting updates, postal arrangements, printing support and service provider access during the current period. The university main Covid-19 page deals with additional material of importance and can be accessed using the link below.

UCD Main Covid-19 Page
Last Updated:20:00, April 21
Last Reviewed:20:00, May 14

Some of the protocols contained in this page will be updated on the evening of Sunday, May 17 to reflect the new arrangements contained in the Return To Campus Working Covid 19 Response Plan issued taking effect on Monday, May 18th

As outlined in the President’s Special Bulletin #2, until further notice, in keeping with the Government directive, all employees will work entirely from home, with the exception of those involved in delivering the following essential services, where delivering that service requires presence on the campus:
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For queries on these arrangements please contact our Estate Services Contact Centre team on 01 7167000 or at

For the current period, please note:

a) University and school protocols for lone working will apply. Further details can be found at

b) When accessing a building (including through electronic swipe) please sign in upon entering and leaving the building by filling out this quick online form.

c) Access to buildings may be priortised to particular entrances. If you require Estate Services to arrange access, please give notice and allow time as the team may have competing operational responsibilities.

d) Personal and university property should be secured over the period and if you notice suspicious activity in buildings or on campus, please let us know at ext 7000 (usually 7999).

e) UCD Estate Services will continue to care for and maintain buildings over the period, and as always if you have any maintenance requests or notice any energy saving opportunities please report as normal to or

f) Building access is only available to those meeting the requirements outlined in the President’s Special Bulletin #2 (29 March 2020).

g) All persons are reminded of the HSE’s guidance on infection control –

Employees who must attend campus for one of the reasons above must obtain a letter to this effect from their head of unit

From the 18th of March all academic buildings will remain secured and accessible using out-of-hours protocols. Many staff and researchers already have pre-existing access arrangements for out-of-hours access to buildings. These will continue as before, and can be extended to those requiring such access with Head of School/Head of Unit authorisation.

Where staff and researchers do not have pre-existing access arrangements in place, they can arrange access by calling the Estate Services Contact Centre on 01-7167000. In this circumstance in order to protect security, people will be asked to produce their UCD identity. Postgraduate research students will require evidence of Head of School authorisation.

For the purposes of health and safety, in order to keep track of who is in each building, we are now asking everyone to complete the Sign In/Out form.
This form is for sign in and out on the current day. For sign-in and out on a future please submit a new form on that given day. Please don’t forget to sign out using the link on the email copy you will receive. For signing out you just need to fill out the last field at the bottom of the form and press “SUBMIT”.

Staff continuing to work on campus during this period of reduced site activity should be aware of the guidelines issued by the UCD Safety, Insurance, Risk & Compliance Office (UCD SIRC) regarding lone working. Staff lone working in higher risk environments as outlined by UCD SIRC should complete a lone working risk assessment.

Only the gates in the table below will remain open for vehicular access. All other vehicular access gates (Rosemount, Fosters Avenue (Nova), Owenstown and Clonskeagh) will remain closed:

 Monday - FridaySaturdaySunday
Temporary vehicle and pedestrian access routes in place. More information.
Open 24hrsOpen 24hrsOpen 24hrs
Fosters Ave./Nova07:00 - 00:0007:00 - 18:00Closed
Owenstown ParkOpen 24hrsOpen 24hrsOpen 24hrs
Roebuck Castle (Pedestrian)Open 24hrs as per normal scheduleOpen 24hrs as per normal scheduleOpen 24hrs as per normal schedule
Roebuck Wicket (Pedestrian)Open as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal schedule
Rosemount/CrecheOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal schedule
Wynnsward Drive07:00 - 00:0007:00 - 00:0007:00 - 00:00
NewsteadOpen 24hrsOpen 24hrsOpen 24hrs
Belfield Office Park (Pedestrian)Open 24hrs as per normal scheduleOpen 24hrs as per normal scheduleOpen 24hrs as per normal schedule
Greenfield GateOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal schedule
Fosters Avenue Construction Entrance08:00 - 20:0008:00 - 15:00Closed
RichviewOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal schedule

Currently only centra remains open between 07:00 and 20:00 (Mon-Fri) and 09:00 and 18:00 (Sat-Sun). All other retail areas on campus now remain closed.

Access to lockers is not possible during this period.

UCD Estate Services plan to defer centralised clearing of lockers at this time and further information on new arrangements will be made available in due course.

If you have any questions about accessing your locker you can contact us at or calling 01 7167000.

The UCD – Sydney Parade Dart Shuttle Bus has been suspended until further notice.

Public transport services are operating are operating operate under revised timetables since March 30th.

For the latest service updates please see the links below:
Dublin Bus
Go Ahead Ireland
Dart and Irish Rail
Bus Eireann

As of Wednesday 18th March to assist with Covid 19 response activities taking place on campus permit, pay and display and premium parking arrangements and charges are not in effect.

For this current period, staff and students attending campus do not need to hold a valid parking permit to park in a permit car park.

Additionally, the traffic calming barrier at the rear of the Lochlann Quinn School of Business will remain open and access to vehicle entrances remain unaffected.

For your information, a number of car parks have been closed on campus:
• N1 (rear of Belfield House/old running track)
• N3 Upper Sections (Engineering)
• N5 (pay and display front of Belfield House)
• O1 (Observatory)
• O4 (rear of Lochlann Quinn School of Business)
• O8 (Roebuck Offices)
• O9 (rear of Roebuck Castle)
• W1 (Water Tower)
• W3 (P&D at rear of Sports Centre)
• W10 (Newstead)

The Belfield Post Office is temporarily closed until further notice. An Post have noted online that the alternative to Belfield Post Office is Woodbine Park Post Office. Contact number 01 269 1329. More info here.

Please contact AddressPal at or phone 01 705 8866 to arrange alternative delivery option if you are expecting a parcel in the next few days.

UCD Copi-Print offices will not be open for normal business until further notice.

– All self-service UCard printers remain operational, subject to building access restrictions
– For support, printing supplies (paper / toner / staples) or to report machine faults, please contact us by e-mail: students at and staff at
– For any specialist printing or bulk please email Copi-Print still has access to some suppliers that remain open.


– Maintenance personnel to ring through to Contact Centre (01 716 7000) upon arrival and leaving site as normal, (in lieu of sign -in).
– Minor works contractors/service providers: Permit to Work System for out-of-hours work to apply.get in touch with Contact Centre/FOH to liaise and coordinate.