AV Service


UCD Estate Services provides support to users of teaching technology in approximately 218 shared teaching spaces on the Belfield campus.

The increased use of technical equipment in the classroom over the last decade has changed the way in which Estate Services provides this support. It became necessary to employ the services of trained Audio Visual (AV) technicians to effectively support those teaching in our classrooms.

These technicians are on hand to provide advice, carry out on the spot repairs where possible, undertake planned preventative maintenance on a rolling basis, and in some cases swap out equipment, all measures designed to minimise disruption to the teaching process.

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The policy, approved by the UCD University Management Team, is designed to ensure the orderly parking of cars on the two campuses consistent with good traffic management practice.
All cars parked on the campus are required to park in one of the designated car parks or parking areas. Only cars registered on the UCD Parking Permit Service are allowed to park in permit parking car parks on campus. Cars not having a UCD Parking Permit may park in the designated visitor parking areas subject to availability and payment of the appropriate fee. All cars are required to park in compliance with the UCD Car Parking Management Policy.
Any car which is not parked in compliance with these rules is liable to be fined, clamped or towed and clamped.


Parking charges apply 8:00hrs-17:00hrs, Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays) during the peak demand periods of semester 1, semester 2, fieldwork, study and exam periods of each academic year . Outside of these times, most car parking is free of charge with the specific intention of facilitating participation of the wider community in after-hours activities on campus.
The only exceptions are premium rate hourly paid spaces which operate between the hours of 08:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday 52 weeks a year and UCD Sports and Fitness car parking spaces which are reserved for members at all times.
UCD Car Parking Management Policy applies all year round.


Parking in a non-designated space causes a number of problems including obstruction of fire brigade and emergency vehicle access and exit routes, obstruction of access to fire hydrant locations, obstruction of fire-fighter’s access and hose runs, security, obstruction of universal access including for wheelchair users and visually impaired, disruption to deliveries, disruption of waste disposal, maintenance access, aesthetics, physical damage to landscaping and grounds / footpaths, Health and Safety risks due to obstructed vision and sight lines.


Traffic calming barriers are in place to prevent through traffic using the University grounds as a shortcut and make the campus safer for pedestrians and cyclists. They operate 07.00hrs to 10.30hrs and from 16.00hrs to 19.30hrs Monday to Friday all year round. Please ensure you enter the campus via the correct gate to access your chosen car park during the hours of operation of the traffic calming barriers. Cyclist and pedestrian access is unaffected by the traffic calming barriers.