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If you are looking to book a study seat in UCD at the moment, please remember that it must be booked online and in advance.

To book a seat:
1- Go to to book a seat.
2- Scan the QR code (bar code) on the desk sticker at your seat to check in.

PLEASE be sure to book your seat online and BEFORE arrival. Once in the building please sit only at your designated seat and remember to check in for contact tracing purposes.

Book a Study Seat

In preparation for the academic year 21/22 shared teaching spaces have been assessed and measures implemented to facilitate their use under the prevailing public health guidance and their application to the higher education sector.

The shared teaching spaces portfolio varies from small group teaching rooms to large lecture theatres holding over 500 students. A single set of guidance for the use of spaces of any size or configuration has been developed with a view to providing clear visual aids to support users in the use of the space and provide reassurance that control measures are in place.

Read more on Teaching Spaces

There are two main reasons why ventilation is important in helping to prevent the spread of Covid 19:

  1. The air movement or air turbulence created by ventilation causes exhaled droplets to fall from the air more quickly thus helping to reduce the risk that they will be inhaled by persons
  2. Ventilation and the associated provision of fresh air into a space and the resultant air exchange also helps remove smaller aerosols which may be hanging in the air

UCD has taken a number of steps to ensure natural ventilation.

Advice on Ventilation and CO2 Monitors

An enhanced cleaning regime to meet the requirements set out in the Government’s National Return to Work Safely Protocol.

The enhanced cleaning schedule includes twice daily cleaning of toilets, waste removal and increased cleaning of touch points throughout the day in high frequency circulation and common spaces, as informed by the national guidelines. Please note that waste generated by materials used in protecting against the spread of COVID-19, such as wipes and disposable masks, can be disposed of in the General Waste bin (for those buildings with multi-bin systems) or normal office bins.

To complement the work of cleaning staff, all members of the University community are asked to adopt a ‘clean as you go’ approach. Everyone should regularly clean their working area, including wiping down hard surfaces with a suitable material at the start and end of the working day. The use of flammable liquid such as pure ethanol to wipe down working surfaces outside of laboratory settings is not appropriate as this can generate a fire risk. If additional information on cleaning agents is required, please contact Estate Services.

Only the gates in the table below will remain open. All other access gates remain closed:

Monday - FridaySaturdaySunday
Temporary vehicle and pedestrian access routes in place. More information.
Open 24hrsOpen 24hrsOpen 24hrs
Fosters Ave./Nova07:00 - 00:0007:00 - 18:00Closed
Owenstown ParkOpen 24hrsOpen 24hrsOpen 24hrs
Roebuck Castle (Pedestrian)Open 24hrs as per normal scheduleOpen 24hrs as per normal scheduleOpen 24hrs as per normal schedule
Roebuck Wicket (Pedestrian)Open as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal schedule
Rosemount/CrecheOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal schedule
Wynnsward Drive07:00 - 00:0007:00 - 00:0007:00 - 00:00
NewsteadOpen 24hrsOpen 24hrsOpen 24hrs
Belfield Office Park (Pedestrian)Open 24hrs as per normal scheduleOpen 24hrs as per normal scheduleOpen 24hrs as per normal schedule
Greenfield GateOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal schedule
Fosters Avenue Construction Entrance08:00 - 20:0008:00 - 15:00Closed
RichviewOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal scheduleOpen as per normal schedule

Please note that these times are subject to change as the college continues to open up in line with public health guidelines.

Monday - FridaySaturday - SundayRemarks
Centra07.00 - 22:0007.00 - 22:00
Main Restaurant08.00 - 15.30ClosedLimited indoor dining & Take away currently
Blue Bird Café08.30 - 15.30ClosedTake away only
RoebuckClosedClosedTake away only
Campus Bookshop9.00 - 17.30Closed
UCD College Collection9.00 - 15.30ClosedOnline service only. Click and collect
Bicycle ShopClosedClosedDue to open mid September 2021
Pharmacy09.00 - 17.00Closed
Commons at MoLIClosedClosed
Poolside Café08.00 - 17.00ClosedTake away only
Pi Coffee Dock08.30 - 15.30ClosedTake away only
Pi Restaurant08.30 - 15.00 - Breakfast – 08:00 to 11:30, Lunch 12:00 to 15:00ClosedLimited indoor dining & Take away currently
Earl's Deli - Richview08.30 - 15.00ClosedTake away only
Pulse Café - Health Sciences08.30 - 15.30ClosedTake away only
Atrium Café - Quinn08.30 - 15.00ClosedTake away only
Leopold Café - ConwayClosedClosedDue to open late September 2021
Street Kitchen - LibraryClosedClosedDue to open late September 2021
Nova Café08.30 - 15.00ClosedTake away only
Law Café Sutherland08.30 - 15.00ClosedTake away only
Coffee Dock - VetsClosedClosedDue to open late September 2021
Pulse CaféClosedClosedTake away only
Lucy’s Blackrock08.30 - 15.30ClosedTake away only
Belfield Post OfficeClosedClosed

Public transport services are operating under revised timetables and operational arrangements .

For the latest service updates please see the links below:
Dublin Bus
Go Ahead Ireland
Dart and Irish Rail
Bus Eireann

Parking permits are in effect from 13th September 2021. Permits can be purchased by eligible staff, students and community members. Permits are available for purchase here.

Trimester permits are priced at €50 per trimester, or €100 for an annual (Autumn and Spring) permit.

Permit parking is in effect 08:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday during the Autumn and Spring trimesters including fieldwork, study and exam periods.

Pay and display parking is charged at the rate of €1 per hour. Premium pay and display is charged at €2.40 per hour. Pay and display and premium pay and display parking is in effect 08:00 – 17:00, 52 weeks a year.