The Waste Hierarchy
gives guidance on how we can reduce the impact of waste on our environment

We need to focus on how the first 4 out of the 5 R's to really make a difference to our carbon footprint.
Recycling our waste is great, however it is still waste!

The UCD community
produced over

2000 tonnes

of Municipal Solid
Waste in 2018/2019

How can each of us reduce our waste impact?

When you've tried everything else, it's time for the final R, Recycle.

This means when something is no longer reusable or repurposed you may be able to recycle it. Take the Recycling Quiz to learn more about what common mistakes are made when it comes to recycling in Ireland

UCD WARP IT is back!

UCD Warp It (Waste Action Reuse Portal) was launched in April 2019, with an online catalogue of office furniture available to UCD staff and to charity/nonprofit organisations in Ireland.


Did you know in Ireland there is over one million tonnes of food waste disposed of each year. By making small changes to how we plan, shop and prepare food we can cut our food waste and save money at the same time.

UCD Green Week 2019

During Green Week in 2019 a Zero Waste Cooking demonstration with celebrity chef Adrian Martin, brought to you by the Environmental Protection Agency, showed us how simple it is to reduce what food we throw away by measuring our portions correctly! (and of course with skills like Chef Adrian’s you wouldn’t accidentally scald the pot!)

UCD Green Week 2021

During Green Week 2021 we were lucky to have an at home cook along with Rozanne Stevens after our 2020 session was postponed due to COVID-19.Rozanne Stevens is the culinary director of a zero-waste test kitchen in Dublin City University. Rozanne’s work is underpinned by the United Nations Sustainability Goals, which marries planetary health and human health.


In Ireland we dispose of 22’000 coffee cups every hour. Instead of buying your takeaway coffee in a disposable cup, invest in a reusable cup in order to cut down on the amount of rubbish that you're producing.

Image from UCD Green Week 2019 collaborative Green Campus project with the School of Education and UCD Estate Services.


Have you heard of UCDSU, EcoUCD’s Swap Shop? Bringing sustainable fashion to you since Green Week 2019.Rather than buying new every season, think about how you can re-style and repurpose from season to season.

Did you know the Great Donate from EcoUCD, Estate Services and Green Campus helped to prevent 90 crates of kitchen goods from becoming general waste, last semester? In total they saved:

- 930 plates
- 190 lunch boxes
- Hundreds of pots and pans
- 1 ukulele

How to make T-Shirt Yarn

During Green Week 2021 we hosted an online workshop to learn how to make your own yarn from an unwanted T-shirt!Learn a technique that can be used to transform T-shirts, tights and leggings into yarn that can then be used to knit, crochet, plait, weave or macrame into beautiful objects and accessories.

All you need is:
  • – 1 x T-shirt you no longer wear
  • – 1 x sharp pair of scissors

In case you missed it, we have uploaded a how to video on our Instagram! Simply click here!'

When you've tried everything else, it's time for the final R, Recycle.

Recycling Workshops

Would you be interested in attending a recycling workshop and becoming a recycling champion in the coming year?
Email to let us know.

Following the success of the Recycling Workshops during Green Week 2021. Estate Services are planning an increase in Recycling workshops over the coming year.

Reducing the level of contamination in recycling and compost bins requires the cooperation of everyone on campus and so this project seeks to bring students and staff together in tackling the problem.


The Recycling in Richview workshops were facilitated by environmental NGO Voice Ireland, with vital support provided by the UCD SPARC Programme and Green Campus.

The timing of the project coincides with the arrival of new segregated bins on the Richview campus.

Due to COVID-19 the monitoring and tracking element of this project has been postponed until further notice.


The Binless Office focuses on increased "clean" recycling in the workplace and asks everybody to help achieve this goal.

This new system removes the traditional under-desk office bin for which there is no segregation option.

This project the under-desk bin with dedicated recycling stations in key communal areas. The Binless Office project has been trialed in a number of Offices and Units throughout the University with great success.

We have seen a 52% increase in recycling in these office spaces

Ireland’s official guide to managing your waste. Here you will find everything you need and want to know about managing your waste responsibly, efficiently and in the way that suits you.