Voice Mail Instructions

Logging in:
Logging in means accessing your mailbox in the Voice Messaging system so that you can play your messages and use the other Voice Messaging features. You can log in from any touch-tone phone.

To log in from your phone:

  • Dial 2000 or press the V-Mail key on your phone
  • Enter your mailbox number (extension number)
  • Press #
  • Enter your password, then press #

To log in from another internal phone:
When you are away from your own phone, you can access your mailbox from any other internal phone.

  • Dial 2000
  • Enter your mailbox number,then press #
  • Enter your password, then press #

To log in from outside UCD:

  • Dial 7162000
  • Enter your mailbox number,then press #
  • Enter your password, then press #

To log in after leaving a message:
After you have called a Voice Messaging user and left a message, you can log in to your mailbox without hanging up.

  • After you have finished leaving your message, press #
  • Press 8 1
  • Enter your mailbox number,then press #
  • Enter your password, then press #

Changing your password
For security reasons, you should change your password from the one you were first assigned. After that, you can change your password as often as required. Help keep your mailbox secure by choosing passwords that are not easily discovered, i.e. try to avoid using your extension number, 1111 and 1234
To change your password:

  • Log in to your mailbox Press 8 4
  • Enter a new Password, press #
  • Your password should have four numbers
  • Enter your new password again, then press #
  • Enter your old password, then press #

Recording personal verification
Personal verification records your name. Your personal verification is used in your greetings and outgoing messages, in name dialling, and remote notification announcements.
To record a personal verification:

  • While logged into Voice Mail, press 8 9
  • Press 5 to record. Wait for the tone, then record your name.
  • Press # to end the recording
  • When you have finished recording, you can play your name and rerecord it if you wish.
  • To replay your recorded name, press 2.
  • To re-record, press 5 to record while at the beginning of your name.
  • Record your name and press # to end the recording.

Recording Greetings
Callers to your Mailbox hear one of two greetings:
1. External greeting, for callers from outside UCD.
2. Internal greeting, for callers from extensions in UCD.
3. Temporary greeting, to set a message during and specific period of time (i.e. during your holidays)
If you only record an external greeting, it covers both the internal and the external greeting. You may amend them as often as you like.

To record your internal, external and temporary greetings:

  • While logged into voice messaging, press 8 2
  • Press 1 for external greeting, 2 for internal greeting or 3 for temporary greeting
  • Press 2, if you want to hear the current greeting.
  • Press 5 to record. Wait for the tone before you start to speak.
  • Press # to end the recording.
  • When you have finished recording, you can play the greeting, rerecord it, delete it, or exit


  • To play the greeting you recorded, press 2.
  • To re-record the greeting, press 5 while at the beginning of the greeting. Record the new greeting and press # to end the recording.
  • To delete one of your greetings, press 7 6 at the greeting. (You cannot delete the standard system greeting.)
  • To set the expiry date for your temporary greeting, press 9. Enter the month, day, and time, pressing # after each entry. For the current month or day, press # only. For the standard expiry time of 12:01 a.m. with any future date, press # for time.
  • To exit, press 4.

Forwarding the phone:
When you leave your extension, you can have your calls directed to the Voice Mail system by forwarding your extension to 2000.

  • Press the Forward button
  • Dial 2000
  • Press the Forward button again
  • You can cancel the forward condition by pressing the Forward button.

Retrieving your messages
If there are messages in your mailbox, the red light will be on. To listen to your messages dial 2000 or press the Voice Mail key and follow the instructions.
Messages that have been listened to are deleted automatically after 4 days.

The principal codes to use are:

  • Log on Dial 2000
  • Play a message Dial 2
  • Delete a message Dial 76
  • Skip to next message (not delete) Dial 6
  • Skip back through the message Dial 1
  • Skip forward Dial 3
  • To find message Dial 86 then message number followed by #