Becoming a Driver

1. Driver Qualifications

Minimum driver qualifications are as follows:

1) Have a full and valid European Union driver’s licence, for the vehicle type that they will be driving, which must be provided to the UCD Centre Manager. Drivers towing a trailer must have the appropriate licence for the size of the trailer.

2) Must be at least 18 years of age.

3) Must be an authorised employee or Post Graduate student of UCD and submit a confirmation letter from the Head of School/Unit requesting the use of a UCD vehicle if required.

4) Have at least two years of experience in the class of vehicle operated under a full driving licence. Under no circumstances a novice driver would be allowed to drive UCD vehicles.

5) Non-European Union driving licence holders (including the United Kingdom) are subject to approval for the use of the UCD vehicles by the UCD Centre Manager.

6) In line with Government’s Guidelines, UCD SIRC has been requested to collect information in relation to penalty points in driving licences for all UCD vehicle fleet users. As per the instructions received, this process is mandatory and must be done when:
– A driver accumulates 5 penalty points for 1 incident
– A driver reaches or exceeds 8 penalty points.
Please note that UCD Insurers won’t require drivers details in these instances, so the information will be collected anonymously.

7) If a driver has reached 12 points and/ or disqualified from driving, UCD Estate Services and UCD SIRC should be advised of this immediately. In such an instance, the Insurers would require the driver’s name and driving offence details and be notified when the driver will have their licence returned to them by the courts.
To facilitate the information UCD will provide the driver with a confidential link in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 European regulations.
The data will be collected in a spreadsheet securely stored in an European server hosted on AWS in Ireland, using the IT Services security credentials protocols. Access to this file is proactively managed and very limited number of users have access to it. Only authorised staff in UCD SIRC and the University Insurers have access to this information.

8) Other requirements may be set out by the UCD Contract Manager or the UCD SIRC.













Please click one or both from the below statements if they are applicable to your driving licence (this information is collected anonymously for the purposes of insurance premium calculations)