Construction Works on UCD Upper Lake


15 July - 31 August 2019


❖ What is happening?
As part of the Student Residence Phase 1 project, a new Rainwater Drainage connection to the
lake is currently being installed. The lake has been designed primarily as a water attenuation
feature as well as a significant campus amenity which allows rainwater to drain into it before
allowing the water to drain away in a controlled manner helping to prevent flooding and risk to
habitats further downstream. The rainwater pipeline is connected to a headwall outlet which is
being installed in the eastern edge of the lake. A petrol interceptor will also be installed to ensure
the water entering the lake is filtered and clean. A petrol interceptor is a trap used to filter out
hydrocarbon pollutants from rainwater runoff.

❖ What about the wildlife?
Two ecologists have surveyed the area and presented a report which stipulates best practice
construction measures to be implemented by the contractor and sub-contractors during the
construction works to prevent any impact or potential risks to ecological features of the lake.
Water quality will be monitored before, during and after the works. There will also be ongoing
and regular ecology inspections and monitoring carried out throughout the works.

❖ When will the works start and when will it be finished?
It is anticipated that the works will start from the 16th of July completing by Friday the 30th of
August. These dates have been chosen to minimise the disruption and to substantially finish the
works before the start of the term.

Area / Buildings:

Belfield Campus