Clonskeagh Entrance Road & Roundabout Upgrade Works


31 May 2021


From Monday 31st May 2021 works on upgrading the Clonskeagh roundabout to a pedestrian and cycle friendly configuration will commence.

To support a more pleasant and safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists, the works include vehicle speed reducing measures, enhanced planting, an additional pedestrian crossing, reduced vehicle carriageway width on the roundabout and an overrun strip on the roundabout to accommodate larger vehicles such as buses & coaches.

To further support the low speed Campus environment and help to safeguard vulnerable road users, upgraded road markings, improved signage & lighting and pedestrian crossings along the campus ring road from the Clonskeagh/Wynnsward Drive entrance to the Church roundabout will also be provided.

Associated works to upgrade road markings, signage, lighting, pedestrian crossings and a widened surface linking the Rosemount/Creche road to the ring road at Clonskeagh/Wynnsward Drive entrance and the shared pedestrian and cycle path running alongside the sports pitches will also be provided as part of the project.

On the Creche road, enhanced road markings, signage, filtered permeability and vehicle speed reduction measures will be provided. This will support a more attractive environment for walking and cycling while still enabling vehicular access.

Upon completion, this project will deliver an enhanced reduced speed environment for all campus users, helping to encourage greater numbers of prospective and current students and staff to cycle and walk. It will also deliver a key cycling permeability link between Dublin 14 and Dublin 4, as part of the wider Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan.

For the duration of the works, a traffic management plan will be in place.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause while the project is underway.

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