Walktober 2021 Step Challenge



October 2021


Walktober is a fun team Step Challenge that takes place in October each year. It is open to staff and students of workplaces and third level campuses who are partners of the Smarter Travel Workplaces & Campus programme.

UCD is participating in Walktober, and members of staff and students can get together to form a team of 3-6 people before Walktober starts on the Monday 4th October 2021.

Choose your Team Name and nominate a Team Captain. Each participant needs to have a working email address and have a registered and verified Active Travel Logger account. Your Team Captain will be the main point of contact for your team and will set up your team on the Active Travel Logger website.

How to take part:

  • Get together a team of 3 – 6 people
  • Sign up online at www.activetravellogger.ie
  • Team captain: choose a team name and set your team up on the Active Travel Logger
  • Team members: sign up online at Active Travel Logger, find a team and join it.
  • Get a Step Counter — download an app (e.g. Free Smarter Travel Step Counter), buy a pedometer, use a Fit Bit, or other step tracking device
  • From 4th Octboer get walking where possible, aiming to increase your steps throughout the challenge
  • Have Fun and Get Competitive!

Area / Buildings:

Belfield Campus

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