Cleaning – Breakdown – Low Level

Priority Level – low level: Cleaning undertaken monthly at a minimum and more frequently where required; rubbish removed as requested by UCD Estate Services Team.

Service Closets / storage / emergency stairwells / Receiving dock areas / general storage areas (low usage)

Expected InputExpected Output
•       Empty all waste receptacles and remove rubbish to a designated area in the building for disposal., replace bin liners. Wash receptacles as necessary on rotating basis.•       Level surfaces/Walls/lockers/ skirting boards free of dust or marks.
•       Dust the horizontal surfaces of furniture, fixtures and business equipment (within reach of the average person), i.e. tops of desks, tables, chairs shelf units and filing cabinets.•       Doors wiped down and free from build-up of markings, finger marks, general dust and water mark splashes.
•       Damp wipe /clean all doors surfaces.•       Bins emptied, disinfected and clean of dirt, smudges or spills.
•       Clean any internal glass so that it is free of marks.•       Bin liner replaced.
•       Remove cobwebs at ceiling level high level.•       Glass free from build-up of markings, finger marks, general dust.
•       Vacuum/ sweep and wash hard floor areas.•       Skirting boards free of dust or marks.
•       Clean internal glass so it is free of marks.•       All furniture/fixtures to be uniform in appearance, dust free, build-up and other debris.
•       Free of high-level dust/cobwebs on ceiling and walls.