Return to On Campus Teaching


It has now been over a year since most in person teaching was put on hold in UCD due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and resulting Government guidance and regulations. This Autumn, with the return to on campus teaching, it may be an opportune moment to refamiliarize yourself with the Audio Visual equipment within UCD’s Shared Teaching Portfolio before the term begins.

Although much of the equipment within teaching spaces will likely be familiar to you, there have been some new additions during the last eighteen months. The major change you will notice is the introduction of lecture capture capabilities within all of the lecture theatres and some of the larger classrooms across campus. In essence this means that these rooms will be fitted out with a camera and microphone solution that you can use to record the class if you so desire.

Given it has been a long time since on campus teaching has occurred, Estate Services are trying to make the return to on campus teaching as seamless as possible and are encouraging Staff to come to campus ahead of the start of term to familiarise themselves with the rooms and equipment.

In order to achieve this Estate Services have arranged AV demo clinics in some of the lecture theatres across campus. The demonstrations will be conducted in 20-25 minute slots whereby a Staff member can book in for a one on one session in a selected theatre with a member from our AV support team. During this time one of our team members will show you how to use the equipment within the room, which will also include use of the lecture capture equipment after which you will be able to try it out for yourself. This service will be conducted over the below dates, you will be able to follow the link beside your chosen building to book your place now.

30th of August – 3rd of September:
• Science Hub (9am-1pm): Book your place here.
• Engineering & Materials Science Centre (9am-1pm): Book your place here.
• Health Sciences Centre (9am-1pm): Book your place here.

6th of September – 10th of September:
• Newman (9am-1pm): Book your place here.
• Newstead (9am-1pm): Book your place here.
• Sutherland (9am-1pm): Book your place here.

These demonstrations are aimed at accommodating as many Staff members as possible before the start of term. While this might work for some Staff members, for others the times may not be suitable or perhaps there is a certain room where they have encountered problems in the past. In this instance you can avail of a more detailed one to one session with a member of our AV support team by booking a Teaching Support Request. This will allow you to select a time and date that suits you in a specific building or room which you will be using during the term. These sessions can be booked from Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm*.

In the meantime, you can make yourself familiar with the teaching spaces by going to our website Here you will find the most up to date information on equipment available within all of the rooms, helpful information on how to use the AV equipment as well as information and videos on how to use lecture capture. If you can’t find the information that you are looking you can reach out to the AV support team via email at or by calling (01) 716 7300.

*Teaching support requests are subject to availability. Estate Services will endeavour to support a request on the specified date and time, however this may be impacted during busier periods where there is an increased demand for AV support.

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