Estate Services Energy Update – June 2019


The summer period is a busy time for Estate Services, in particular it offers an opportunity to implement carbon reduction initiatives for the University and we would like to update you on some of these plans.  

This summer we are implementing a number of exciting projects that will improve efficiency and lower our carbon emissions, including:

  • Blackrock Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Heat Pump project
  • Tierney and Newman Building insulation and glazing upgrades
  • District Heating pump optimisation
  • Carbon reduction studies to identify new ways to tackle energy and climate challenges

A big thank you for your patience during these projects, and to all who support our efforts by switching-off every evening, together we are making great progress towards our 2020 target.

As many of us do at home, UCD has a long-standing practice of switching our space heating systems off during the summer months as a sustainability measure. We thank the UCD Community for supporting us in this, particularly during periods of the summer where the weather is not meeting expectations! 

This annual switch-off plays a very important role in reducing UCD’s carbon emissions and also allows for essential maintenance to take place.

Have a good weekend and please remember to switch-off all non-essential equipment each evening before you leave the campus.

UCD Energy Unit

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