Green Week Big Switch-Off

The Big Switch-Off

To support students and staff working on UCD Green Week as part of the Green Campus initiative, we’re running an extended “Switch-off” initiative and need your support!

Normally running over bank holiday weekends, this time we’re asking the UCD Community to make an extra effort to Switch-Off every evening during Green Week, Monday 4th – Friday 8th of February. Night-load or “baseload” electricity usage (electricity used when buildings are not in use) is our main target, however we would also like to raise awareness of how you can reduce energy usage associated with heating.

Heat loss through windows left open at night can be an issue, therefore we ask that you check windows in offices and classrooms before you leave each evening. This means that less energy is needed to heat to building in the morning. We also encourage you to use the thermostatic radiator values (TRVs) where installed in offices. TRVs allow the temperature in the room to be controlled. If your office is getting too warm, please twist the TRV to a lower setting, 3 or 4 in newer or refurbished building generally keeps the temperature at an appropriate level and avoids overheating.

In terms of electricity usage, the key message is to Switch-off devices when not being used – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant the usage appears to be, with a University of UCD’s size, it all adds up!

SPARC Recycling Awareness Campaign focusing on coffee cups running all week in Newman. Come visit us at the big red wall beside An Cuas across from the Coffee Dock.

The environmental impact of single-use items is well-publicised, this is what we have done in UCD