Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reusable Cups on Campus

The environmental impact of single-use items is well-publicised, with single-use coffee cups in particular being an area where the figures are alarming – it has been estimated that 22,000 disposable coffee cups are disposed of in Ireland every hour!

Paper, plastic, ink and other materials are used in their production, energy is required to run the machines that produce them and to fuel the trucks that deliver them. After being disposed of, bin-trucks are used to collect and bring them to their final destination. While increasingly, modern single-use cups are either compostable, recyclable or a mix of both, resources are still used to produce, distribute, collect and dispose of them. With this in mind, reducing the number of disposable cups we use should be our ultimate aim as a University and a society.

The UCD Green Campus committee are looking at ways in which the use of resuable cups can be promoted and the impact of single-use cups can be communicated to students and staff. As part of this, and in conjunction with Estate Services, we have been working with the food-service providers on campus to provide and promote discounts for bringing your own reusable cup – so you can be environmentally friendly and save money!

Please see below for a list of outlets on campus that provide discounts as well as the amount of discount in each outlet:

Compostable/bio CupsDiscount bring own cupReusable cups for sale Plastic StrawsPlastic stirrers
ReadersYes10% discount€8.50 eachNot usedNot used
ArtsYes10% discount€8.50 eachNot usedNot used
VetsYes10% discount€8.50 eachNot usedNot used
RoebuckYes10% discount€8.50 eachNot usedNot used
Pulse Café health ScienceNo10% discount€8.50 eachNot usedNot used
RichviewYes10% discount€8.50 eachNot usedNot used
Leopolds at ConwayYes10% discount€8.50 eachNot usedNot used
QuinnNo10% discount€8.50 eachNot usedNot used
NovaYes15c discountYes €7.00eachNot usedNot used
PiYes15c discountYes €7.00eachNot usedNot used
SutherlandYes15c discountYes €7.00eachNot usedNot used
Main restaurantYes15 cent-Not usedNot used
ChoppedN/AN/A-Not usedNot used
SubwayNoN/A-Not usedNot used
StarbucksNo15c discount-Not usedNot used
Centra StoreCompostable15c discountYesNot usedNot used
Blackrock restaurantYes10% discountYes €5-€20 eachNot usedNot used
LibraryCompostable40cYesNot usedNot used
EngineeringCompostable40cYesNot usedNot used
Sports CentreCompostable40cYesNot usedNot used
Poolside CaféBiodegradableNoneNoNot usedNot used


Our “Switch-Off” initiative, which is normally run over bank-holiday weekends is being expanded to become a “Switch-Off Week” with the aim of reducing electricity usage and harmful emissions throughout the Green Week and to raise awareness of the important role individuals play in energy conservation.

SPARC Recycling Awareness Campaign focusing on coffee cups running all week in Newman. Come visit us at the big red wall beside An Cuas across from the Coffee Dock.